• PVC 
  • Motif
    • uni 
Type de tissu
  • Imitation cuir 
Catégorie de produit
  • Faux Leather 
  • 130 - 139 cm 
  • 140 - 149 cm 
  • 0 
  • Indivisible 
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Similicuir Skaï

Le similicuir se compose des fibres naturelles ou fibres d'arts auxquelles une couche PVC est exposée. Avec celui-ci la structure de cuir est imitée au similicuir par quoi le similicuir est à distinguer très difficilement du cuir véritable au premier regard. En raison de cette procédure de fabrication, le similicuir est beaucoup meilleur marché que le cuir normal. Chez nous vous trouvez plus de 50 articles de similicuir.

  • Skaï Palma 6

    Skaï Palma 6
    36,95 €/m
    137 cmmarron foncé88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Techno 1

    Skaï Techno 1
    35,95 €/m
    137 cmnoir88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Bresta 4

    Skaï Bresta 4
    28,99 €/m
    137 cmmarron88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Plata 2

    Skaï Plata 2
    38,95 €/m
    140 cmmarron clair88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 9

    Skaï Palma 9
    36,95 €/m
    137 cmmarron clair88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Plata 4

    Skaï Plata 4
    38,95 €/m
    140 cmanthracite88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Bresta 2

    Skaï Bresta 2
    28,99 €/m
    137 cmnoir88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Bresta 5

    Skaï Bresta 5
    28,99 €/m
    137 cmmarron foncé88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Toundra 3

    Skaï Toundra 3
    37,95 €/m
    137 cmgris foncé88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Toundra 6

    Skaï Toundra 6
    37,95 €/m
    137 cmgris88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 3

    Skaï Palma 3
    36,95 €/m
    137 cmbeige clair88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 14

    Skaï Palma 14
    36,95 €/m
    137 cmvert foncé88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Plata 1

    Skaï Plata 1
    38,95 €/m
    140 cmmarron foncé88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Plata 9

    Skaï Plata 9
    38,95 €/m
    140 cmrose sexy88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 16

    Skaï Palma 16
    28,99 €/m
    137 cmbleu roi88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Plata 12

    Skaï Plata 12
    38,95 €/m
    140 cmgris clair88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 20

    Skaï Palma 20
    38,95 €/m
    137 cmjaune88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 22

    Skaï Palma 22
    38,95 €/m
    137 cmrouge signal88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Bresta 6

    Skaï Bresta 6
    28,99 €/m
    137 cmmarron clair88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Toundra 7

    Skaï Toundra 7
    37,95 €/m
    137 cmcrème88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 1

    Skaï Palma 1
    36,95 €/m
    137 cmnoir88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Palma 18

    Skaï Palma 18
    28,99 €/m
    137 cmrouge bordeaux88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Bresta 10

    Skaï Bresta 10
    28,99 €/m
    137 cmgris88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Plata 6

    Skaï Plata 6
    38,95 €/m
    140 cmcarmin88%PVC12%Coton
  • Skaï Plata 5

    Skaï Plata 5
    38,95 €/m
    140 cmcrème88%PVC12%Coton



Faux leather has many uses: furniture, seat covers, bags, belts, and shoes can be made from it. Some qualities are flame-retardant and well suited for public areas. It is also used in medical environments after an antimicrobial finish is added. Generally, imitation leather is easy-care, wear-resistant, and robust. It has a regular, even look and is a lot easier to work with than genuine leather. This makes it an inexpensive alternative. The material consists of a knitted or woven tissue or nonwovens plus a coating. The coating can be made from PVC, PUR (polyurethane) or polyester and creates the feel of the fabric. The fabric base - made from natural or synthetic fibres - affects the elasticity of the artificial leather, which is important when upholstering edges. Knitted fabrics are more stretchable than woven fabrics.


Care instructions for faux leather:

You can clean imitation leather pretty easily with warm water and a light soap solution. Make sure you check that your cleaning agent is safe by trying it out on a hidden spot! Some qualities can be machine washed, please check the care instructions that come with each piece. You can refresh the colours of all faux leathers with specially coloured creams. Attention: faux leather in lighter colours is very sensitive towards darker clothing (e.g. jeans) and rather resistant to cleaning agents. Contact should therefore be avoided.


How to work with faux leather:

When working with artificial leather you should beware: stitches are irreversible! If you want to fasten the fabric with needles, make sure it's in hidden spots like the seam allowance. When sewing, it is important to keep the front of the fabric from touching the feed dog, as this damages the surface. If contact cannot be prevented, our advice is to put a little masking tape on the feed dog. This will protect your artificial leather but also prevent the material from being fed into the machine. You will have to push the material manually. Don't be afraid: it works well with a little practice. If you don't want to sew, you can always glue, staple, or nail. Make sure you do not fold the material while storing it as the creases will be permanent. Also keep the fabric away from sharp or pointy objects. For the seam, use a high-quality polyester thread (all-purpose-thread) with a needle size of 70. The optimal stitch length is about 3 to 4 mm. Seam allowance is usually set to 1.5 to 2 cm.